HBA T-shirt... Update

Santa was looking over the orders of the "HBA T-shirt",
and a sad, sad, sad Santa he became...

Greetings Everyone,
Still only sold three "HBA T-shits" I need to make a minimum of 25 shirts, I wonder if you all were interested or not... is the design? that it is winter? cash? I know it's the holidays and so I am going to extend the deadline to a later date... if you are interested please let me know-el... Piece On Earth...

Click on banner above... for the gory details.



K-Fleet said...

As much as I like color deviations (How many black horror tees can one really have?), I'm not really feeling the Kiwi. And, I don't really think Psych Ward cleary explains or defines what the HBA is all about (the HBA even seems like an after thought to the bold, bigger text of Psych Ward). It just feels like a plug for a movie than anything else, which doesn't spark much interest for me.

scary film review said...

i haven't had a job in 16 months, and my attempts to make money with amazon affiliates with my blog isn't working so well, otherwise i'd buy 2! but alas...until i can make any money and stop using the library's free internet, i'm stuck...otherwise I'd buy 2! sorry for the repetition

Amie said...

im with k-fleet... its teh green.. im not feeling it

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